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G'day Alex,

The annoying thing is, our monitoring box should have sms'd me as soon as
things started to shutdown..  Only problem was, the monitoring box seems
be set at a 40C auto-shutdown, so it went down before everything else..
D'oh.  Biggest problem is that with two separate aircon systems, we never
expected that overheating would be an outage cause that we'd need to plan
for!  Ahh well, time to go re-jig a few things..



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> Damien,
> When I ran Network Services for ActewAGL, our SMNP box would kindly dial
> on-call mobiles with an SMS message showing the state of the error
> condition.. I see now that Jaycar has a sweet little $44 kit that does
> same thing with an old Nokia 5110 or similar..  Monitors a switch or PIR
> sends a text message on error.. much better than staff who are probably
> happier the servers are down.. ;-)  Gives YOU the chance to ring one of
> and have 'em check the server room..
> Alex - VK1AC
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> Howdy Folks,
> Just got back from a weekend at the Minis on the Murray thingo down in
> Wodonga, to find that the main aircon in the server room at work has
> (and the backup didn't kick in), so half the server room has shut down,
> the rest is sitting there with their overheat alarms going off (air temp
> 55C at shoulder level, 59C at roof level), so I flicked a heap of
> kicked in the backup aircon and headed home for a few hours..  Spoke to
> couple of staff, and it seems some things have been down since late last
> night (nice of someone to go in and look at things, or at least phone me
> go 'everythings down!'..  Will head back in around 8:30 (the server
> were too hot to touch, so giving them a few hours to cool down..), and
> powering things back up, and see what died.. :\
> In the meantime, three of the seven DNS servers for APRS.NET.AU are
> currently down, so DNS lookups will likely be a little slow, plus the
> igate is offline (thankfully I know the overheat alarm shuts down the
> from when the CPU heatsink fell off a few months ago.. :)
> Regards,
> Damien
> PS marconi is REALLY slow - took me ~15mins to get to the subscription
> subscribe, and confirm my subscription...
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