[OZAPRS] DNS/VK1Igate down :(

Rendrag rendrag at rendrag.net
Sun Apr 10 23:22:03 EST 2005

Howdy Folks,

All back online now (well, with a few exceptions), so things should be
working now :)

Interesting note - the HDD bay cooling fans in the 4RU fortunetec cases
disintegrate when the fan controller pushes them to full speed - we have
quite a few cases with fans missing blades, and little bits of blade
all over the case.. - that's gonna be a 'fun' cleanup tomorrow :(



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> Howdy Folks,
> Just got back from a weekend at the Minis on the Murray thingo down in
> Wodonga, to find that the main aircon in the server room at work has
> (and the backup didn't kick in), so half the server room has shut down,
> the rest is sitting there with their overheat alarms going off (air temp
> 55C at shoulder level, 59C at roof level), so I flicked a heap of
> kicked in the backup aircon and headed home for a few hours..  Spoke to
> couple of staff, and it seems some things have been down since late last
> night (nice of someone to go in and look at things, or at least phone me
> go 'everythings down!'..  Will head back in around 8:30 (the server
> were too hot to touch, so giving them a few hours to cool down..), and
> powering things back up, and see what died.. :\
> In the meantime, three of the seven DNS servers for APRS.NET.AU are
> currently down, so DNS lookups will likely be a little slow, plus the
> igate is offline (thankfully I know the overheat alarm shuts down the
> from when the CPU heatsink fell off a few months ago.. :)
> Regards,
> Damien
> PS marconi is REALLY slow - took me ~15mins to get to the subscription
> subscribe, and confirm my subscription...
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