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Hi Brian,
Why do we need APRS? Interesting question.
I thought the answer was obvious.  
Genuine amateur operators self educate by doing new and interesting
When I look around at what is happening within APRS i see just so much
which is so different.
That is exciting.
I also note that much of what is happening does not suit the demography
and geography of most of Australia so we need to try different things,
including HF.

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Had it said to me why do we need HF APRS and even Igates for that matter,
yes there are those who cannot understand why we need either of both or
even APRS at all for that matter.
Whilst I generally use only UI-View I do at times run NetAPRS in
conjunction with OziEplorer all at the same time at this very moment I
have Ui-View running with a complete map of VK whilst NetAPRS and
OziEplorer are tracking VK2HL-15 on a Auslig Topographical map as this is
of special interest to me as much of the area that VK2HL-15 and VK2JN-15
have covered over the past week my wife and I covered in a little Subaru
Brumby Ute complete with small tent etc on a 6000km trip we undertook
about 12 years ago now, tracking VK2HL-15 who is operating on HF has been
of great interest and brings back pleasant memories for us. Also tracked
over the past week or so has been VK5EX-15 also on HF visiting places like
Kings Canyon and other areas in NT. 
Surely this is what HF APRS is all about tracking stations in remote and
often difficult RF areas this coupled with the Igate network allows one
Igate to take over from the other as skip and band conditions change. To
complete this network we really need another Igate Station in the Centre
or even Mt Isa with a couple more suitably placed in the west in VK6.
Pity I only get to monitor those tripping about on the occasional day I
have home as I am reluctant to leave the gear on now the storm season is
approaching when I am not at home.
Thanks to those few volunteers who run the HF Igates for us.
Have a good week
Brian VK4BBS
PS: If you have not setup your UI-View to connect to the net already do so
and once in a while monitor the VK/ZL, and other, traffic you will find it
of interest today I have logged nearly 350 VK and ZL APRS stations
operating or have operated there since I turned the gear on.


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