[OZAPRS] filter mods for aprsd

John Williams vk5zty at bigpond.com
Fri Nov 19 00:16:32 EST 2004

This applies to aprsd 2.23 but I expect will be similar in other versions.

In aprsd.cpp
void *TCPConnectThread(void *p)

--look for 

  ostringstream logon;
                logon << "user "
                    << pcp->user
                    << " pass "
                    << pcp->pass
                    << " vers "
                    << VERS
                    << " filter "
                    << "r/-35/139/500 p/VK/AX/VI/STN6 o/*"
                    << "\r\n";

The filter part is my add on. Nothing special and hard coded since there
was no reason to read 
from the conf file for this installation.  The filtering probably has some
overlap. If you read the filter 
docs there is a hierarchy, but I see no problems with being verbose with
the filter specification.

Adjust the second line from the bottom of the string to suit your

Might be nice at some stage to have an entry in aprsd.conf and the code to
read it.


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