[OZAPRS] Findu and Email Unreliable ?

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Fri Mar 12 23:35:40 EST 2004

> Tony,
> Have you tried running UI-View as an IGate connecting to the VK APRS IS?
> This would prove either the problem is with your current IGate or
> into the APRS IS network etc.

Hi Richard.. Ok good point.. So what I did was QSY all my radios to
unrelated simplex channel and fired up the old Ui-View setup as Igate like
used to.. Then I used a laptop and another radio setup to access the
with another UI-View32 running on RF only.. The Igate was VK5AH-2 and the
only system was VK5AH-0 .. I logged onto aprs.net.au port 10153 .. I tried
the same tests on second.aprs.net.au 10153 as well

Sending emails actually worked ok (i see them goto the Internet feed and
delivers the email) but never got an ACK via RF from the laptop into the
Igate.. Sending emails from the Igate machine worked and got ACKs fine

Here is what that looked like..

:EMAIL    :vk5ah at qsl.net quick test on IP{63
:VK5AH-2  :ack63
:VK5AH-2  :EMail message delivered OK{515
:WU2Z     :ack515

See the qAC thinggy .. This is whats called a construct for some reason..
Ive seen this thinnggy before.. Perhaps thats the reason we are not
anywhere with ACKs on RF .. Ive got no idea about Igate workings or APRSD
really as you can tell..

In a way it rules out our local Igate APRSD as Ive actually duplicated
on another channel using UI-View logged onto the national server also..

Ok now here is where I hit the jackpot.. I logged onto 10152 Global port
Perhaps that was obvious to some but I though a message for me should get
through on 10152 even though its from outside the country.. This 10152
actually got a ACK back onto RF for me through Uiview ..

So after all that.. Is there a problem?? Should the 10153 feed give me an
ACK ?? It would be nice.. Can it be fixed ??

Any comments ?? Tony Hunt VK5AH

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