[OZAPRS] netAPRS update

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Sun Jul 11 16:08:14 EST 2004


I have just uploaded a new copy of netAPRS. Because of the nature of the
changes I believe that you will all need to download the full install. I
have added some GPS features. They are not fully debugged, but are getting

Changes in this release

	a) Basic beaconing. VERY basic. And it only allows the use of

	b) Loading GPS positions and displaying them on a display with
satellite constellation shown. This is the reason that you need the full
	c) New menu to find a map at the current location. [Coming later
will be a function to find the best map in Ozi] [Sorry Brian, finding a
location in Ozi is not something that I can do at the moment]
	d) Implemented Compressed packets. 

There are also numerous other changes. The software can be downloaded from


Other things...


I am now running a BLOG. This is sort of an on-line diary. You can read it
by looking at www.radio-active.net.au\blog\ - but I normally use a program
such as SharpReader (http://www.sharpreader.net/) and feed in a strange
such as
atom.xml and it will tell you when I have written something new... It is
sort of like Email without the email. 

And I would encourage you all to visit Blogger.com and have a think about
starting your own Blog. But make sure you tell me about it too.


Most of you know that I do GPS tracking for a living... This includes
building custom hardware and software... Current cute projects include
building a cute GPRS tracker with my own software inside. This device will
even connect direct to APRS.NET and send the positions to the server
when on the road. And if it is down, it will know and send it to a backup

Right now I am not sending the data to APRS.NET but to my own server. What
am playing with is WebServices, where users load a small version of
on their own PC, and it grabs all the positions every 30 seconds over the
web. And it only sends positions for vehicles you are authorized which
things good in the commercial environment. When I have more information I
will let you all know about it. I am not trying to sell it to the members
this list (although I would be happy to tell you about the details
- I want people to realize where the tracking world is going...


Darryl Smith, VK2TDS   POBox 169 Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia
Mobile Number 0412 929 634 [+61 4 12 929 634 International] 
www.radio-active.net.au\blog\ - www.radio-active.net.au\web\tracking

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