[OZAPRS] HF MOBILE beaconing, food for thought.

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jul 7 23:51:32 EST 2004

>>> "Brian Beamish" <bbeamish at bigpond.net.au> 7/6/04 7:57:56 PM >>>
>As there are at present so few HF Mobile APRS stations 
>...we feel beacons intervals of 1.5 to 2 minute intervals 
>would be acceptable especially

Wow, this is *crazy*.  The APRS HF channel is a global
asset operating at 300 baud.  This means that it should be
shared in a gentlemenly manner.

>As an example I have been mobile for at least 1.5 hours 
>over the past 24 hours beaconing then at every minute 
>if you were to look at findu, at this moment, you would 
>find that the last time VK4BBS-15 was gated was over 24
>hours ago then by VK3MY-4.

But you could transmit 100% of the time and QRM everyone
everwyhere and still have such lousy performance!  Now I do
admit that VK land is its own nest and it is rare for your
QRM to reach the rest of the world, so what you decide to
do is up to you.  But in the Northern hemisphere, such abuse
of the channel would be unconcionable...

The HF channel is not for minute/by/minute reporting.  It
is usually for ships and boats and long distance travelers
far from the infrastructure.  Knowing where a mobile is to
the nearest  500 yards is NOT the intent of the channel.
The intent of the channel is to let such distant mobiles 
to have a reasonable chance of being captured once
every few hours.  A kind of safety net.  To do this, we
have found that once every 10 minutes is about right...

Just my 2 cents...


A different tack to the other suggestion we know but as my email reads
for thought.

Brian VK4BBS

PS: We agree that it would be great to see a gateway Alice Springs if
was possible along a couple in VK6 all of which would be a real bonus
that there is no doubt.

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