[OZAPRS] HF MOBILE beaconing, food for thought.

rsmitj at tpg.com.au rsmitj at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 7 16:10:13 EST 2004

Hi Brian and all,
I think Brian is being reasonable.
We simply monitor the situation and as traffic increases we increase the

Quoting Brian Beamish <bbeamish at bigpond.net.au>:

> Hi Folks
> I am not trying or even intending to stir up a hornets nest so please no
> flack just constructive criticism if any.
> Des VK4DMI-4 and myself think along similar lines on this.
> >From our experience over a long period we find that with skip and band
> conditions unlike VHF where you can get a "Hit" just about every beacon
> quite often on HF two or three beacons, possibly more if conditions are
> right, can easily not get heard in TOTAL by a gateway and this being the
> case will not be gated.
> Normal highway out of town conditions where most HF Mobile APRS would
> place could easily put you 50 to 100 Kms out, if we had perfect
> all day and every beacon was copied and gated we agree 10-15 minutes
> beaconing would be fine but in actual fact this more often than not is
> the case.
> As there are at present so few HF Mobile APRS stations operating and
> such time as we see a reasonable increase in Mobiles that we feel
> intervals of 1.5 to 2 minute intervals would be acceptable especially
> considering that not every HF beacon is gated and most of the day all
> hears is the Gateways with their occasional beacons.
> As an example I have been mobile for at least 1.5 hours over the past 24
> hours beaconing then at every minute if you were to look at findu, at
> moment, you would find that the last time VK4BBS-15 was gated was over
> hours ago then by VK3MY-4.
> A different tack to the other suggestion we know but as my email reads
> for thought.
> B C N U
> Brian VK4BBS
> PS: We agree that it would be great to see a gateway Alice Springs if
> was possible along a couple in VK6 all of which would be a real bonus of
> that there is no doubt.

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