[OZAPRS] Only one VK APRS gateway operational at present.

Ron and Val Smith rsmitj at tpgi.com.au
Tue Jul 6 06:45:36 EST 2004

Hi Brian,
I will be back in a couple of days, maybe even tonight.
I have had a computer failure and I have fixed it.
I gate to vhf and then to the igate which is one digi hop away so to reach
the igate a beacon needs to be repeated via uiview here (all aliases will
work) and an older digi which will only respond to wide (nothing else).
Some something like gate, wide will work if I hear it.

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Just in case you are wondering why you are perhaps not being gated on HF
at present it would appear that VK4DMI-4 currently is the only operational
HF Gateway.
VK3MY-4 will be heard digipeating and beaconing but for the past month has
not been gating at all, Richard is trying to resolve this problem
VK3WRM-4 Gateway has temporally been off HF APRS taking part in the
International Balloon trials near his home town but I do see him back
there just at the very moment  as I am entering this email, great to see
him back that is for sure and to stay I hope?
Be great if we can get a couple of other HF operational say one in VK5,
VK6, and northern VK4 or VK8.
Thanks to those ZL stations who have been gating some VK for us, pity
though we can see the ZLs gating on the net but never hear then actually
operating on HF.
Brian VK4BBS


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