[OZAPRS] APRS Help Needed

Andrew Rich vk4tec at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 5 12:52:15 EST 2004


Wondering if you can help me.

My GPS locks onto at least 6 satellites and provides a 3d fix.
The GPS reports an error less than 4 meters.
I can see data coming from the GPS in RS232 format
The TinyTrak light flashes as it should.
The packet tones sound pretty close and my radio is keying up in plenty of

Each packet goes thru the local digi and gets repeated.
One of our local stations has a gate into the internet and I can see
on the Maps 100% of the time.
I can even hear other stations and see them on my UI-view screen as well

What am I doing wrong ?

Andrew Rich (VK4TEC)

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