[OZAPRS] Help is there, if wanted

Brian Beamish bbeamish at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jan 1 09:45:27 EST 2004

I well know the difficulties in getting on frequency with HF APRS can be
extremely difficult and very frustrating especially with gateways only
beaconing some times every 15 minutes but generally I believe every 30
minutes a heck of a long wait I well know.
I believe though that help is perhaps there and only needs to be
Firstly using AGWPE can make getting on the actual frequency a breeze.
Whilst my local gateway VK4DMI due to skip, band conditions and it's
closeness only a 30Kms or so away on 10.147.60 MHz is seldom heard hear
whilst VK3MY is heard these days just about 24 hours. During a couple of
the brief periods that VK4DMI is actually heard on 30m I have asked the
SysOp, Des, to beacon more frequently and he has not hesitated to do so.
Whilst this may not be ideal for stations local to VK4DMI I am sure that
it would be ideal for those further away. I am sure that if Des is home he
would be prepared, on request, I am sure to set up his HF beacon to
accommodate any tests or frequency alignment that you would like to make.
Des can also operate on 40m if requested.
Please kindly note though that Des does retired to bed quite early most
evenings so please bear this in mind when making any such requests please
do so earlier rather than later in the day.
Another source is myself VK4BBS-11 Mobile mainly on 10.147.60Mhz as I am
virtually the only one there at present I beacon each 30 seconds to (
around 7.30 am) and from  ( around either 4.30pm most days although the
odd day 6pm) work and I can and often do leave my beacon on every 10
minutes when at work if requested I can make this 5 minutes.  I am not at
this stage happy with my 40m performance and am not prepared to leave the
gear beaconing there, I can though beacon on 40m if found at home
but cannot at this stage beacon on 30m as I am yet to put up a dipole to
cover that frequency.
All times mention are local VK4 times.
I am not aware of the setup on VK3MY but I feel that if requested he also
if home may be in the position to do similar.
As a matter of interest Vk4DMI on 40m is received here very strongly but
cannot here at my location, I believe we are just to close, be decoded but
the ZL gateway also on 40m is in the evenings often received, decoded  to
appear on my map.
Have a great and safe 2004
Brian VK4BBS
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