Ron Perry ronk at sunlinux.com.au
Tue Feb 24 11:47:56 EST 2004

Hi APRSers,

The setup.
I currently have both my KAMs hooked up to the IC-735 on a 1/4wave 
vertical on the roof of the house.  I'm running UI-View, with one KAM+ 
doing both VHF and HF APRS, digipeating and Igating. The second Kam+ is 
on a terminal, running with PASSALL ON, so I can "see" all HF packets, 
good and bad. This gives me some idea to what is being heard at all times.

10 Meg Propagation.
At the moment, it doesn't seem to be very regular, but with only 3 weeks 
of operation, this may be a bit more predictable after more time has 

I have been hearing VK3MY-3 from about 1200 to around 2200 local the 
last few days. I have heard VK3MY-3 until midnight a couple of times as 
well and sometimes appears earlier than noon.

Is Terry VK5ATN on HF full time?  I did see him one afternoon, with 
excellent signals, but have not heard from him, either before, or after 
that one time.

VK4BBS-11 has been copied a few times at around 16.30 local, but I've 
only seen VK4DMI-1 once when I was listening a couple of weeks back, 
before I moved the Igate to UI-View.

It seems strange that	1) I hear VK4BBS-11 but not VK4DMI-1.
			2) I hear VK3MY-3 but not VK3BYD-(15?)
considering that the VK4 pair and the VK3 pair are a similar distance 
and direction from Mildura.

Comments welcome.

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