[OZAPRS] Re: Norm seen mobile on 30 metres

Norm McMillan njmcmillan at bigpond.com
Tue Dec 14 08:19:31 EST 2004

Terry Neumann wrote:
> G'day Norm and others,
> There you were today Norm in the mobile on 30 metres.   All looks good -

> all systems go, and it sounds good too.  Well done!
> I see the TT3 is driving it all, but I wonder what rig and antenna you 
> are using ??


Thanks Terry,

I was on VHF, gated to HF then hopefully to the 'net!!!!

It's been quite a saga just to do a "Proof of Concept". Murphy stuck his 
unwanted head in everywhere!. Thats what you get for using old recycled 

For the record, The current set-up is.
FT107-M on HF, to a multiband trapped vertical.
FM 828 on 144.700, to a Mobile-One 5/8 whip at 10m
Dell XPS-300
AGWPE running soundcard modem on HF port, Tiny-2 in KISS on VHF port

Mobile-One 5/8 whip.
Magellan 310 GPS

VHF is digi'd to VHF and HF.
HF is digi'd only to VHF at the moment (Not an HF digi!)
WIDEn-n and TRACEn-n are supported at the moment.

The *weakest* point at the moment is the FT107-M. Temperature drift is 
simply unacceptable! It drifted off frequency halfway through the 
mail-run and according to Findu I didn't make it home!

Research continues, suggestions are solicited!

Norm, VK2XCI,
Voice of The Edge of The Outback.
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