Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Sun Dec 12 21:05:06 EST 2004

Thanks for your input fellahs,  it's appreciated. 

Tony Hunt wrote:

Terry.. Like John said I am also pretty sure its working.. This map for
example shows the last 24hrs activity
This other one on here is the last 10 days updated fairly often
My posit seems pretty up to date but yours isnt on findu. ATN-1 is the
most recent. 

That will be the HF station which, when I checked was "grabbed" by VK3ECV
at last look, and thence gated  to the net. (I think) .

Maybee its a odd question but are you sure your gear is working Terry?

No Tony, sadly it's not an odd question at all -  it's the question that
haunts me much of the time myself ;-) 

I need to have another look at the TT3 in the car (VK5ATN-9)  That was
supposed to operating  for most of my trip around Adelaide on Friday
afternoon and also for the return leg.   It didn't make it to Findu so I
suspect the trouble is in my system  somewhere.   I did some minor
hardware changes a few days earlier so maybe something got overlooked.
It was painting on my own station here at home when I put it to air again,
so I assumed all was well.

You usually access RNE RMB and BRC out there in the sticks..

Yep but for local work around Balak', I usually need my own digi here (set
in 'relay' mode) for the first hop.   I shall investigate.   The problem
is in my station somewhere.   Back to the soldering iron ....

Good to see your 30 home station back on air again tho .....   Well done!

Thanks again,
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