[OZAPRS] Testing Tiny Trak unit.

Andrew Wall astroman02 at optusnet.com.au
Thu Dec 2 10:25:53 EST 2004

Thanks Tony, it was actually my dad (vk5cu) who got me interested in using
APRS for one of my hobbies (storm chasing). Just gives me an excuse to do
two hobbies in one.  It's taken a while to got to where I am now due to
various reasons. I did a little experimenting with the audio levels this
morning, they seem to be okay now, I think they were a little high
yesterday so I backed it off a bit. 
I haven't got the corner pegging enabled, I don't see the need for it, as
you said it causes trouble with unnecessary packets. I wasn't sure on the
beaconing, I will set it back to 2 minutes when it is installed in the
Thanks for the reply, happy aprsing.
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Good one Andrew.. Just out of interest I copy your frames direct alot of
the time so you have a nice big signal on 2m round town.. Not sure on your
beacon rate but Ive backed off my 2m beacons to 2 minute intervals around
town.. As long as its not faster than 1 minute..  Tiny Traks with corner
pegging can create alot of traffic as well.. I am still trying to get mine
right on HF as far as corner pegging.. Its pretty much a waste of time on
HF really and just causes trouble on 2m locally.. Trying to track with
that sort of acuracy on a 1200/300 Bd channel is a forget it thing now..
Good fun with a laptop in the car Ive found.. Sounds like you have a good
experiment going there too.. Enjoy ..
Tony VK5AH
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Subject: [OZAPRS] Testing Tiny Trak unit.

Hi all,
Just letting you know that if you see vk5naj-9 doing alot of "off-road"
driving, not to worry too much, I am testing the tiny trak unit running
nmea Talker on the computer, so it will be a fixed direction of travel and
speed, I will only be doing this for about an hour on some days (not all).
In preparation for installation into the car.



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