[OZAPRS] FW: DX or Local which is more important?

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Sat Apr 17 20:07:14 EST 2004

Hi If you received this message twice I apologise but not realising it
until a few minutes ago I have had a ISP problem  most od the day all
incoming mail arriving okay whilst I am unsure as to how much it would
appear that all my out going mail has not made it.

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Subject: DX or Local which is more important?

Hi Noel and Others

I personally could not agree more with Richard if there is to much
concentration on working DX APRS instead of local as was and still should
be the intent of APRS I can see some of us being forced eventually to
working on an alternate frequency to cater for those, like myself for
example, who intended eventually to be doing some "Outback" touring.

Great to see the occasional DX station there but surely as the mode grows
particularly on HF our aim should be to cater both for VK and ZL
travellers alike.


Brian VK4BBS


Hi Noel,

 It is good to see that the HF Gate systems are working well.

 We must keep in mind however the main purpose and original requirement
for the APRS HF Gate network is to provide good reliable Local (VK/ZL)
APRS communications to mobile vehicles in our area which our out of range
of VHF APRS. If there is too much ‘DX’ then it will reduce the efficiency
of the HF APRS network and may discourage locals from going APRS HF

 There’s a lot of the Ozzie Outback to be covered.





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Subject: [OZAPRS] Heard on 30m.

Add to our ever growing heard list the following, copied here in ZL

IK2VPD   -   name Max,  QTH Milan.

What I decoded was several parts of an APRS message or query.  It was
direct off 30m HF.

Noel, ZL3GR.

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