[OZAPRS] 30m Traffic.

Colin Matten cmatten at nortelnetworks.com
Mon Apr 12 10:03:49 EST 2004

Hi All,
Beacons heard in the last 24 hours, VK3MY-3, VK3WRM, VK4BBS and VK4DMI-1.
Gosford (50KM North on Sydney)

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Hi Noel and all,
In the last 36 hours heard here on 30m in Central Queensland are vks 4bbs,
3wrm, 4dmi-1, and zl1gtb and 9z4cp.

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Stations I heard (well my TNC did, I was asleep) on 30m and decoded
overnight Sat/Sun here in ZL were:
VK3MY, numerous times, and a few each from VKs 2KCM, 3WRM, and 4BBS.  
Noel, ZL3GR.


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