[OZAPRS] Is it life and death.

Noel Rowe noel-r at clear.net.nz
Sun Apr 4 11:54:00 EST 2004

>On Sat, Apr 03, 2004 at 12:09:00PM +0800, Chris Hill wrote:
> For tones of 2110Hz & 2310Hz, and a suppressed carrier frequency of
> 10147.6kHz, an amateur can be transmitting 100W of RF on 10.14991kHz.
> That's 100W of RF energy, less than 90Hz from the band edge.

This example above is invalid -  anyone using 2110 and 2310 tones and USB
would not, or should not, be setting their rig to 10.147.600, they
would/should be setting it to 10.147.090 to acheive the 10.149.200 and
10.149.400 carrier frequencies of the tones, and which I thought was
agreed to some time ago for use in VK and ZL.
Although we have been over and over this, and others have published lists
etc to show how it all works with various combinations of gear, it seems
that the whole concept is not being grasped by many.  Too many years of
voice SSB where the agreed frequency is dialled up and nobody knows or
cares what frequency they are actually transmitting on?
Noel, ZL3GR 
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