[OZAPRS] Rig Frequency.

Richter, Mike W Michael.Richter at team.telstra.com
Fri Apr 2 15:32:33 EST 2004

The data about the MFJ frequencies in my table came from Bob Bruninga's
site on HF ( I can't find the URL)
Here is something else that could be leading to a 500Hz error (from
http://www.qsl.net/soundcardpacket/moreagwpe.htm )
"Note that some HF radios with "DATA" or "FSK" modes automatically offset
the indicated dial frequency to account  for the difference between the
suppressed carrier freq and the actual mark or space frequency, but they
typically assume tones different than 2310/2100 tones used by AGWPE.
You'll need to get the data mode offset from your user manual and then
calculate the correct offset for AGWPE."
 - so when calibrating your radio make sure you have it in the Mode you
will be using for APRS.
"Note: AGWPE emulates a PK-232 HF modem and uses tones of 2110Hz and
2310Hz for a center frequency of  2210 Hz and the standard HF packet tone
shift of 200 Hz. If you are accustomed to KAM tones of 1600Hz and 1800Hz,
you'll need to adjust your radio tuning by 510 Hz (+510 Hz for Lower Side
Band and -510 Hz for Upper Side Band)."
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