[OZAPRS] Rig Frequency.

Ron Perry ronk at sunlinux.com.au
Fri Apr 2 00:23:42 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-01 at 23:45, Chris Hill wrote:
> Hi Ron,
> Do you have access to a calibrated RF test set (or frequency counter),
> 1ppm or better frequency accuracy?

Yes.I have. But not for a week or two.
What I was planning to do is record a single tone...find out what
frequency it was..then TX it, straight into the mic...resolve it at the
other end and then I'd know how far out I was. Does tht make sense?
> If so, then you could use the CALibrate function on the TNC to key up
> radio with a MARK, then toggle it to a SPACE...  and read out exactly
> frequency you're on, as measured on the test gear.

If I read the KAM+ manual correctly, I can calibrate on VHF but not on
HF  :-(    Can anyone else confirm this?
> I think you're definitely on the right track...  we need a "golden
> that everyone else can net to.

I hope I'm "on the right frequency".  :-)


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