[OZAPRS] VKMAIL server observation

Hamish Moffatt hamish at cloud.net.au
Thu Apr 1 00:00:44 EST 2004

On Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 10:44:37PM +0930, Tony Hunt wrote:
> 22:30:46R VK5UJ-1>APD223,VK5RNE-1*,VK5RSC-1 Port=1 <UI C Len=117>:
> }VK3APC-11>APD214,TCPIP*,VK5UJ-1*:!3757.08SI14503.32E# Moorabbin and
> District Radio Club Packet/Igate 144.850 MHz
> 22:31:07R VK5APR-9>ST54U8,VK5EX-1*,WIDE3-3 Port=1 <UI R Len=23>:
> `B;|m\p>/>Peter mobile
> The top set is from UIViews monitor window.. The bottom set of the same
> frames is from UiViews terminal window.. Confused ??

OK it looks like the terminal window contains the useful information.
Can you show what happens when you use VKMAIL using that?

> Anyway thats that and now Ive got one for you Hamish looking at your
> capture..  INETZ0 and INETZX ??  Ive seen these paths before on ISS
> traffic.. It was VK3UKF that was using them.. I emailed him and asked
> it was all about but he never replied.. He was using SGATE,INETZ0 on his
> downlink path from memory .. What are these paths all about ??

They are a VK3 contraption designed to partition our network into
Internet "zones". Perhaps Richard VK3JFK can post some details.

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