[OZAPRS] UPDATE on VK3 APRS Network Design

Richard Hoskin lhoskin at bigpond.com
Fri Sep 26 20:52:41 EST 2003


 I'm happy for you and anybody else to use APRS on RF only.

 There are a large number of amateurs in VK3 (and other states) that like
 see APRS traffic from more than just their local area. APRS can cater for
 them too.

 In a disaster (the original reason for APRS)  in VK3 where the IGates
 happened to fail we can revert the whole state back to RF or isolate
 Internet traffic to local areas. The VK3 APRS network is designed to be
 reasonably flexible.

 I dont like morse much and fail to see the pre-occupation some have with
 But I dont want to stop them from enjoying it.


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 > Richard,
> I have consistently suggested that APRS is a local activity
> to the most of us, and fail to see the pre-occupation with
> the IGates. Lets keep it simple and use RF only.
> Regards
> Kevin VK4SP

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