Intermittent Internet

Rendrag rendrag at
Mon Sep 8 21:55:28 EST 2003

Howdy Folks,

For those who haven't noticed, ISA/NSI have been having some major
Connectivity problems since early Saturday morning.  This is affecting
three of the seven NS servers for, which will be slowing
things down somewhat.  The vk1 Igate is also being affected.

Hopefully our upstream should get their sh1+ sorted soon..  I'll be
interested in their explanation as to why their 'fully redundant',
'carrier class' network has been down for THREE DAYS, when this is all
over...  Hmm, it says something about Lucent .au tech support, that
they've had to fly engineers in from the US..  Not using Cisco is all
well and fine, for having 'no security holes', but it's not much chop if
you're going to be offline for three days..




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