[OZAPRS] OziAPRS - New Version

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Wed Mar 5 19:31:40 EST 2003


I have added a new version of OziAPRS - APRS for OziExplorer... It is
downloadable now on

The new capabilities are not yet documented but here is an overview

* Added a column for details on where the data is coming from
* Added the ability to LOG the information to a file, also identifying
where the information I have got is not decoded properly. The location
of the log file is also assignable.
* Slightly changed the format of the data being sent to OsiExplorer in
the text area.
* Added the capability to upload data into Microsoft Access. This part
is ***HIGHLY*** experimental. There is a reference to an Access 2000
database on the page above that can be used. You *MUST* also have
Microsoft DAO 3.6 installed. At the moment positions are just getting
uploaded into a database. I eventually want to have these positions
being uploaded to OziExplorer itself through the access UI. 
* All position problems should be fixed.


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