[OZAPRS] Double copies of all messages on this list?

Darryl Smith Darryl at radio-active.net.au
Fri Jun 27 07:22:26 EST 2003

Is it EVERY SINGLE OZAPRS message or just MOST? A few times people have
posted to ozaprs at marconi amd ozaprs at careless meaning a dual post... 
What to do next... Make sure that they are both being sent to the same
email address... And make sure you are not getting other duplicates...
I dont know if you can get your ISP to grep your mail logs for Marconi
traffic but that would help
P.S. I love the dilbert quote on a similar subject. Dilbert was talking to
his boss.. And said 'They are all photocopies... You dont need to proof
read every copy', to which he replied 'We will see about that' :-)

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A couple of weeks back I stared getting two copies of every message on
this list.  Am I the only one?
Is there something I have done to cause this?
What should I do next?

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