[OZAPRS] TNCs for HF Igate

Warren VK3BYD vk3byd at wia.org.au
Thu Jun 19 22:39:04 EST 2003


Its not so much the tone frequencies but the shift frequency.
Normal shift is 200 Hz for HF packet, you then tune you radio to match the
other station regardless of what tone frequencies they run.

EG the Kantronics KAM Plus tnc runs standard as 1600 & 1800 Hz, the MFJ
tnc runs standard as 2100 & 2300 Hz so when they  are on air together one
radio would set 500 Hz off from the other to make a working connection.

Also remember that all hf packet stations use LSB.

If you plan to use 40 Mx the VK3MY-4 gateway is 500 Hz higher than the VK2
HF bbs station.

I hope this all makes sense :)


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