[OZAPRS] TNCs for HF Igate

Richter, Mike W Michael.Richter at team.telstra.com
Thu Jun 19 08:54:01 EST 2003


What type of TNC or Modem do I need to transmit to these APRS HF Gateways

What are the tone frequencies ?

Can set a standard VHF TNC to 300Bd ?

Mike Richter   VK2BMM        

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 > Hi Ron,
 > We are currently using 2 bands for APRS HF operations 30mtrs & 40mtrs.
 > The two frequencies are 10.149Mhz & 7.039Mhz both use LSB 300bd with a
 > of GATE to be passed to the local IGate.
 > To my knowledge there is only one APRS HF Gateway operating in VK, that
 > VK3MY. It would be of value if there was some discussion to produce a
 > National plan on where the best locations are to place HF Gateways. I
 > believe that the selected frequencies are OK and within the band plans.
 > Cheers
 > Richard.

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