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How about a projects page ?

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G’day everyone,

A Little off-topic, but then again maybe not
For all those with Internet Access, VK has now got an online community for
Amateur Radio.

http://www.radiocorner.net   is an Australian based AR Forum, set up by
several VK amateurs, for VK amateurs.
The idea behind this system is that anyone is free to join and discuss any
topic of interest in AR.
Forums are a friendly alternative (not replacement) to clumsy mailing
lists, as it is fairly interactive.
Anyone is free to view or reply to the available groups, create polls on
topics or pretty much do anything you like!

It’s pretty hard to fully describe the concept of the forum, so the best
way would be to swing by and have a look at the various discussions.

Pass the info around to other clubs and individuals 

Geoff  VK2XJG


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