[OZAPRS] Changes to VK/ZL filter port on 2nd

Geoff Gatward geoff.gatward at optusnet.com.au
Fri Jan 17 07:54:58 EST 2003


I have done some changes to the 10153 VK/ZL port on second.aprs.net.au.

The way this port was working, it was filtering only packets from
VK/ZL/AX/VI callsigns.

The way it works now is that anything within a 4500km range of 34S 146E
be presented to the port. This essentially is still VK/ZL, but now also
includes PNG. Also, any objects generated by non VK/ZL stations that fall
within the range will be able to be seen.

This is handy for W9IF's EARTHQUAKE objects.  If I-Gate operators set up
gate data from W9IF to RF (aprsd must use gate2rf to gate objects) then
earthquake plotted within our region will be plotted on the map.

This is also handy for tracking ISS and PCSAT, since many US stations send
posits for these satellites as objects. We will now be able to see these
when they fall within our capture area.

VK and ZL stations overseas will still get in, since we are still ALSO
looking for VK/ZL prefixes in the filter.


Geoff  VK2XJG

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