[OZAPRS] HF mobile - why not?

Terry Neumann tfn at rbe.net.au
Sun Dec 28 13:39:26 EST 2003

Brian raises some good questions.  Having used a 2 mx APRS tracker station
for some time, and making occasional trips in the bush, I've thought about

The things that hold me back are:

1) Availability of a suitable tracker module.   The Tigertrack is under
consideration, but the hassles in getting one have to be addressed.   An
Australian dealer would overcome some issues here.   

2) An lack of immediate feedback as to whether the station is working.....

This issue is not unique to HF - it exists on 2 metre operation as well,
however local knowledge gives a pretty good indication of whether one's
beacons are getting out.   Monitoring 145.175 also gives one the chance to
hear one's beacons being digipeated -  all fairly reassuring.

However on HF, I get the impression that there is no feedback available to
the mobile operator as to how the station is operating if indeed at all.

Is it possible to consider the acceptability of brief voice communications
on the aprs frequency to allow the mobile's operator to see if anyone is
receiving his beacons?    Features on the Tigertrack unit almost suggest
that this is a reasonable and normal mode of operation, however I've not
heard of it being done in my HF listening. 

Or is there some other way out?   It seems a pretty pointless and
unrewarding exercise otherwise.  Why would one bother if there's no
feedback whatsoever?    


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