Robert Pepper robert at
Tue Aug 5 12:39:11 EST 2003

>I have paid for electronic maps.
>Should I therefore be able to use them on my web pages ?

No, or at least very unlikely.

>What are the legals ?

Depends on the license supplied with the maps.  You have a license to use
the maps, not ownership of the IP in a similar manner to software and
Putting them on a website means others can use them, and that's not going
to be popular with the map owners.  So I'd ask permission first.  If it's
the case that you simply want a representative map excerpt that isn't much
use for navigation (ie won't detract from sales of the map) and you credit
the source then in my experience you'll get permission from the smaller
map companies.  Larger organisations don't have that flexibility. 
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