[OZAPRS] Classic Adelaide car rally callsign allocations and info

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Wed Oct 16 08:46:00 EST 2002

In the comming few days the Classic Adelaide Car rally will be running
in Adelaide. WICEN SA are providing support to the special stages.. APRS
will be used to track vehical movements as well as messaging from the
carrying the car scores/times .. The APRS will be running on the Adelaide
APRS network (145.175 National APRS frequency) and as a consequence the
traffic will be observable via the Igate feed onto the National APRS Igate
servers.. Here is some info that some may find of interest..

Just for info in the comming Calssic Adelaide here are the car trackers
other WICEN callsign allocations..

VK5WIE and VK5WIE-1  Rally HQ
VK5WIM-2 to VK5WIM-15  MEX messaging stations
VK5WIR-2 to VK5WIR-15  Portable Stealth Digipeaters
VK5WID-x               Other portable digis
VK5WIT-x               Official Vehical trackers

5WIT-1 Car 00
5WIT-2 Car OA
5WIT-3 Car OK
5WIT-4 Road Sweep

VK5WIZ VK5WIX VK5WIY WICEN Technical callsigns

The messaging stations using MEX and APRS-dos will be beaconing posits in
the middle of the Gulf off the Adelaide coast.. This is done for several
reasons.. For those interested try running a Uiview Inf file on a blank
image .. Here is what the inf file can look like..

WICEN SA Field Stations Map

Tony Hunt  VK5AH

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