[VK2-APRS] Re: APRS Frequency on UHF...

petez69 pete at jbo.com.au
Wed Jul 17 21:44:08 EST 2002

--- In VK2-APRS at y..., "Darryl Smith" <darryl at r...> wrote:
> People
> It has been proposed that 439.175 MHz be allocated as the National 
> APRS Channel.

To encourage people that use both UHF repeaters and UHF APRS, it 
would be far better if there was as much seperation as possible.  We 
have currently put vk2rmr-1 wide at the Mt Riverview repeater site.. 
The repeater runs at 439.525 (or 575 I cant remember)

If your proposing to stick APRS smack in the middle of the repeater 
band, if will never get a gurnsey at Mt Riv.

get APRS as far away as possible to allow people to run both without 
them interfering with each other.


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