[OZAPRS] Traffic programme help

Tony Hunt wavetel at iname.com
Sat Feb 9 09:38:29 EST 2002

Hi Damien.. Well the sysop concerned is on the mailing list and may have
allready picked up on it.. Ive sent him a message anyway on packet as I
never use email with him..

Just  a thought.. The traffic apps Ive seen working seem to measure
on a per 10 minute basis.. So many frmes per 10 mins.. Also if it would be
possible to change/vary the name on the object produced.. I see the VK3's
have a object called traffic .. What happens if we make one the same??
they cancel each other and fight with each other?? I dunno.. Maybee if we
called it TRAFFIC5 for VK5 .. Maybee its not needed..

Tony and Eva Hunt   wavetel at iname.com

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